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Tri-Clamp - 1.5" TC ButterFly Ball Valve, Squeeze Trigger

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This 1.5" tri-clamp butterfly valve with a squeeze-trigger lock offers a compelling option for homebrewers seeking a balance between on/off flow control and precise flow adjustment. Here's a breakdown of its key features and considerations:


  • Multi-Position Locking (13 positions): Provides significantly more control over flow rate compared to standard butterfly valves. Ideal for processes like lautering or vorlaufing where fine-tuned flow is essential for optimal extraction.
  • 360° Rotatable Handle: Offers closing flexibility from either side of your setup, maximizing convenience during transfers or cleaning.
  • Easy Cleaning (CIP Design): Like other butterfly valves, the lack of hidden pockets minimizes the risk of wort and yeast build-up, simplifying cleaning.
  • Compact and Lightweight: Takes up less space and is easier to install compared to tri-clover compatible ball valves.
  • Durable Construction (304 Stainless Steel): Ensures long-lasting performance and resists corrosion in your brewing environment.


  • Flow Rate Control: While offering more control than standard butterfly valves, it might not match the precision of tri-clover compatible ball valves for very specific flow rate needs.
  • Best Applications: This valve shines in situations requiring some degree of flow rate adjustment, such as:
    • Transfer Lines: Fine-tune flow during wort transfers between kettles, fermenters, or chillers.
    • Mash Tun Outlets: Precise control over lautering flow rate can improve efficiency.
    • Fermenters and Vessel Outlets: Can function for on/off flow control at these points as well.


For basic on/off flow control, a standard butterfly valve might be sufficient. However, if you need some adjustability beyond simple on/off, this squeeze-trigger lock valve offers a valuable upgrade. For highly precise flow rate control (e.g., mash tun sparge or vorlauf returns), consider a tri-clover compatible ball valve.