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White Labs | WLP661 Pediococcus Damnosus (PurePitch Next Generation)

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Perfect for use in any sour program, this is a cocci bacteria known for its souring capabilities through the production of lactic acid. It is a high diacetyl producer and slow growing, so it’s suggested to use in a mixed culture.

Attenuation N/A
Flocculation Low
Optimum Fermentation Temp. 70-75 °F
Alcohol Tolerance Varies

Flanders Red Ale • Lambic

Wild Specialty Beer

WLP661 Pediococcus Damnosus (PurePitch Next Generation)

PurePitch® Next Generation combines the ease of the vial and the innovation of PurePitch®, offering a pouch with a cap and double the pitch at 7.5 million cells/ mL; a commercially recommended pitching rate allowing you to pitch like the pros. No need for starters!