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White Wheat Malt (Pre-Milled) 55 lb

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A domestic wheat malt; white wheat has a mild wheat flavour when compared to red wheat malt. It is an ideal base malt for any wheat beer. The taste is traditional of wheat beers; sweet, malty, and wheat-like. May also be used in small amounts (2-4%)to increase head retention in your beer. May be used for up to 50% of a grain bill without additions or up to 70% with adjunct additions of rice hulls to ease lautering and prevent a stuck mash.

Recommended Maximum Usage: Up to 100% in Wheat Beers, 2-4% to improve body and head retention in any style of beer.

Typical Beer Style(s): Hefeweizens, Witbiers, American Wheat Ales, and more.

Possible Substitution(s): Wheat Malt, Red Wheat, Flaked Wheat, Torrified Wheat.