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On Saturday, July 15th, Toronto Brewing will be hosting an exciting beer tasting event featuring experimental brews by Shane Martin "The Beer did Buddha" and Josh Davis from the GTA Brews Homebrew Club.

Shane will be bringing five kegs, including an A/B Hazy IPA with different hop profiles, an A/B tested Orval-ish clone with variations in water chemistry, and a Rye Saison fermented with Escarpment Labs' Old World Saison yeast.

The event is a chance for beer enthusiasts to provide feedback and mingle with the homebrew community. Join the gathering from 11 am to 4 pm at Toronto Brewing!

More from Shane Martin:

"The 5th and final keg will be my Rye Saison fermented with Escarpmet Labs Old World Saison, in which I used Abstrax Hops “Brew Gas” Cannabis inspired terpene profiles in. The Abstrax Cannabis Profiles were added at the recommended dose on the cold side. I wanted to see if the dank, gassy, complex fruity cannabis profiles would meld well in a style I feel could benefit from it due to the Earthy, Spicy nature of a Rye Saison. I believe you'll be quite surprised at what you'll find out trying these beers."

When: Saturday, July 15
Where: Toronto Brewing @ 11am-4pm
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