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Six new hop varieties at Toronto Brewing

Six new hop varieties at Toronto Brewing


We're always on the lookout for the most exciting hop varieties to brew with.  Here are the newest arrivals at Toronto Brewing, shipped straight from Yakima Valley.

Caliente (15.7% AA) - Flavours of citrus, peach and pine, aromas of stone fruit and mandarin.

Cashmere (7.5% AA) - A "marriage of Cascade and Northern Brewer" with flavours of lemon, lime and melon and a smooth bitterness.

Eroica (7.3% AA) - A collaborative result between Idaho and Oregon Agricultural Experiment Stations packs a "zesty, fruity punch."

Pekko (18.5% AA) - Clean, Pleasant, floral, citrus, mint, herbal, mellow, pineapple, thyme, saaz-like cucumber, sage, touch of lemon.

Pahto (16.5% AA) - Also known as HBC 682, this high-alpha bittering hop is herbal, earthy, and floral. 

Sabro (Coming soon!) - Previously HBC 438, Sabro is an aroma hop notable for its complexity with a fruity, citrus blast of tangerine, coconut, tropical fruit with hints of cedar, mint, and cream. 

Browse the full hop catalog.


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