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Ginger Root (1 oz)

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Ginger root is a popular ingredient in brewing, particularly in beer and mead production. It is used to add a spicy and slightly sweet flavour to the finished product, as well as to provide some additional complexity and aroma.

In beer brewing, ginger root is often added to the boil or during secondary fermentation to add a spicy kick to the beer. It can also be used in place of or in combination with hops to provide bitterness and flavour. Ginger beer, a type of beer that features ginger as a prominent flavour, is a popular style that uses ginger root extensively.

In mead production, ginger root is often used to provide a spicy and sweet flavour to the honey-based beverage. It can be added during the fermentation process, or as a flavouring after fermentation has completed.

In addition to its flavour contributions, ginger root is also believed to have some health benefits, including anti-inflammatory properties and aiding digestion. As such, it is often used in brewing for its potential health benefits as well as its flavour.