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CoolBar Commercial Kegerator - Dual Tap Built-In

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This double tap kegerator model is an ideal choice for small bars, pubs, or even home use! With a two-product tower, it gives you just enough variety to not get stuck with the same beer over and over again.

The CDD-24 kegerator dual tap tower is capable of fitting either 1 half-barrel keg, two quarter-barrel kegs, or two sixth-barrel kegs – enough for a house party or a busy evening at the bar!

Dual Tap Kegerator Features

  • Stainless steel interior
  • Manual thermostat
  • Forced air cooling
  • Four castor wheels
  • Dual tap kegerator tower with brass faucets
  • Optional branding available (door or full-wrap)
  • Commercial grade
  • Drain bottle is installed inside
  • Fits kegs: 1x1/2bbls, 1x 50L, 2 x 30L (1/4bbl), 2 x 20L(1/6bbl)

How Does a 2-tap Kegerator Work?

The way this kegerator two-tap tower works is no different from any other kegerator. You connect it to the CO2 tank, attach the keg coupler(s), connect the beer line(s) to the tower(s) through the shank, and your kegerator 2-tap tower is ready for action!