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Spike Brewing | Essentials Conical Accessory Kit

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This Kit includes all the essentials for your New Spike Conical Fermentor! Included accessories are compatible with all sizes of Spike fermentors.

3 Port Stainless Steel Gas Manifold Bundle:

Spike's specially designed CO2 gas manifold is designed to attach directly to the 1.5" TC port on their Conical lid. This manifold allows you to easily add pressure for transfers, stuck yeast dumps, purging oxygen, etc. The manifold has 3 ports for a pressure gauge, pressure relief valve and a ball lock gas post. One part, three functions, easy assembly, easy cleaning; what more could you ask for!?

  • Gas Manifold Package
  • Pressure Gauge
  • Pressure Release Valve (PRV)
  • Gas Post

Purging oxygen from your fermenters and using closed transfer processes allows you to make beer that has had virtually no contact with outside oxygen from when you pitch the yeast until when you pour the first pint. No more stale cardboard flavours from oxidation and longer shelf stability and aging potential!

Closed Pressure Transfer Kit:

Introducing another cool accessory to compliment out CF series conicals. Our closed pressure transfer kit (CPT kit) will allow you to rack your beer from your conical to keg without exposing it to the air. This will help you avoid off-flavors that can be caused by oxygen coming in contact with your beer. 

Our CPT kit uses all stainless hardware and Ultra Barrier tubing which is antibacterial due to its silver lining. It is also BPA free and over-sized to promote a quick transfer from conical to keg.

Stainless Steel 1.5 Tri-Clover Racking Arm:

Another cool product Spike's engineers and in-house welders developed is this USA made racking arm. This racking arm provides 6" of total travel allowing you to draw clear wort even with the hoppiest of beers.

The racking arm also incorporates a position indicator that is welded on so the orientation of the racking arm can easily be seen from the outside of the sealed conical (especially useful in closed pressure transfers)


  • 1.5" TC
  • 304SS
  • Position indicator 
  • Works with every size conical
  • Made in the USA