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BULK HOPS | Mosaic Pellet Hops (20kg) - $16.36/lb (Crop Year 2023)

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20kg @ $16.36/lb (Crop Year 2023)

  • Liquidation from a local brewery partner.
  • Hops have been stored in a freezer
  • Yakima Chief Hops

Mosaic® lives up to its name. The unique combination of aromas and flavours make this hop unlike anything you’ve tried before. It does well with a wide variety of beer styles and is somewhat of a descendant of the Simcoe YCR 14 hops. 

Mosaic® pellet hops have got a really complex aroma to it, featuring some peach characteristics, a bit of blueberry, and some unique stone fruit tones that make it a very discernible hop when used in a pale ale.

It features relatively high alpha acids and low cohumulone contents and displays an array of enticing citrus, earthy and tropical aromas that transfer nicely into the finished product.  Great for modern American styles needing an earthy or tropical hop kick.