Cooling Pump | Spike Brewing

All pumps are not equal! Our engineers tested over 15 pumps during the development of this project and found almost all small submersible pumps on the market are grossly overrated. This can greatly affect your temperature control as flow rate is directly proportional to cooling efficiency.

 To use:

  1. Simply plug our pump into our temp controller
  2. Connect your insulated lines to your temp control coil and to the pump outlet
  3. Submerse the pump in your cooler (with ice), fridge with cold water reservoir or glycol chiller
  4. Start cooling your wort!


  • High flow submersible pump 
  • 3/8" barbed outlet (connect directly to our insulated tubing)
  • 12v DC powered (much safer than AC submersible pumps)
  • Suction cups to keep pump submerged

Included in TC-100 temperature control bundle for CF5 and CF10 and CF15

Recommended accessories: