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False Bottom for Spike+ Kettle

Original price $197.99 - Original price $359.99
Original price
$197.99 - $359.99
Current price $197.99

The Spike+ false bottom is for use with our Spike+ line which uses TC fittings. For our standard Spike kettle line that uses NPT fittings please see HERE.

 Design Features:

  • All stainless design; no Silicone gasket to make a seal
  • Low profile design; extremely low dead space (<.25gal)
  • Best filtering on the market due to dual stage filter design; 99.9% grain filtering efficiency
  • TC Pickup tube, gasket and clamp are included
  • False bottom and pick up tube are Made in the USA!

2 Stage Filtering:

Stage 1: Filters through top plate's optimally engineered sized laser cut slits

Stage 2: Bottom ring supports the grain weight while also filtering the wort again before it reaches the pickup tube

**False bottoms are not designed to filter pellet hops in the boil kettle. Instead you'll want to create a whirlpool to centre the hop material and then drain using a side pickup (HERE)**

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