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Malolactic Bacteria - MBR31 ML (2.5hL)

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Oenococcus oeni for balanced sensory and colour stability in low pH wine and low temperature ferments (White, Red, Fruit, Cider).

LALVIN 31™ is suitable for cool climate red and white wines, enhancing varietal characters, fruit flavours and promoting colour stability. In white wines, it adds complexity due to its light buttery flavour. With lees contact the buttery notes decrease, elevating fruit flavours and mineral notes. In red wines, dark berry fruit flavours, colour stability and mouthfeel are increased. Wines made using LALVIN 31 have good body and length.

This O. oeni strain was selected by the Institut du Français de la Vigne et du Vin (IFV) in France for its capacity to achieve good and reliable malolactic fermentation under difficult wine conditions such as low pH and low temperature. LALVIN 31 is tolerant to levels of lactic acid that can be inhibitory to other ML strains. Due to its high nutrient demand, it is sometimes slow to start but finishes quickly, especially when used in conjunction with OPTI’MALO BLANC™ or ML RED BOOST™.

Wine Condition Tolerances:
  • Alcohol: <14%
  • pH: >3.1
  • TSO at Crush: <45 ppm
  • Temperature: >55°F

Usage: Add directly to wine and mix thoroughly.  Due to the MBR preparation process, this bacteria does not need to be rehydrated prior to inoculation.