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Spelt Malt (55lb)

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Spelt is an ancient grain and is professed to possess a number of health benefits. Spelt beer is considered extremely digestible and conducive to good health. As spelt is only grown and processed in a few regions in Southern Germany, Spelt Malt is a unique specialty grain. Spelt contributes an earthy grain flavour as well as hazelnut and almond flavours.

Spelt Malt compared to wheat malt provides a slightly sweet more nutty, spicy flavour. Similar mouthfeel to wheat malt as well, but with a softer more pillowy feeling. Spelt malt has higher protein but lower gluten than wheat malt. Spelt has been making a resurgence in the craft brewing industry thanks to the unique flavour and mouthfeel that Spelt adds to wheat beers along with its traditional use in Belgian inspired beers.

Up to 60% usage, and a great alternative for wheat beers and for improving the stability of the foam. Commonly used in American sour beers and traditional Saisons. Try substituting it in any recipe that calls for wheat for a fun twist on the recipe.

Beer Styles:
Spelt Ale • Traditional German Ales • Saison • Belgian Pilsner
Malt Flavour: Grain • Hazelnut • Almonds
Usage: Up to 60%
Lovibond: 1.8 - 2.7
Substitutions: Wheat • Rye • Flaked Wheat