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Vintner's Best | Hemp Wine Base Flavouring (1 Gallon)

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Vintner's Best Hemp Fruit Wine Base Flavouring is the perfect way to make your own delicious Hemp wine at any time of the year. This concentrate is easy to use - simply dilute with water and add yeast and you will have five gallons of Hemp wine ready to enjoy. Start making your special vintage today!

A blend of juice concentrates, high fructose corn syrup, malic acid and natural flavour designed to make a fermentable base for hemp wine blend at 18.9 Brix. The product is blended, pasteurized, and can be stored at ambient temperature. When reconstituted, the product is guaranteed to contain 5 mg/8 fl oz of cannabidiol (CBD), extracted solely from hemp. Contains 5 mg of CBD per 8 fl. oz. of finished product. Contains no THC. Commercial users: please consult federal, state, and local laws before purchasing this product.

Kit Yield: 5 Gallons
Alcohol by Volume (ABV): 10%
Acidity: 2.4; 2.2 - 2.7 % w/w (as citric acid)
Original Gravity: 1.077 / 18.9 Brix (Diluted)
Final Gravity: 1.000 / 0 Brix

Recommended Yeast: Lalvin K1V-1116 or Red Star Premier Classique

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